Preventive health examinations

„Profilaktinių sveikatos patikrinimų klinika“ ensures access to health services for all patients. If you are a permanent resident of the Republic of Lithuania or have a residence permit in Lithuania and are insured by compulsory health insurance, you will receive free medical services paid for by the National Health Insurance Fund when you register at our clinic.

If you are not insured by compulsory health insurance, we can offer chargeable consultations with family doctors, specialists, health examinations, laboratory tests and other health services.

To register for a visit, please call

Visit family doctors, who will communicate with you in Lithuanian, English or Russian:

At the preventive health examinations clinic, we carry out all the necessary health examinations and issue certificates:

  • driver’s health certificate;
  • health certificate of fitness for work;
  • marine navigator’s health certificate;
  • health certificate for arms licence.

We also organise compulsory:

  • First Aid
  • Hygiene Skills training courses and issue the certificates you need.

Health services

Health services provided to patients at the preventive health examinations clinic:

Family medicine


Prevention programmes

Gynecological services

Mental health centre


Laboratory tests

Preventive health examinations and certificates

First aid and hygiene skills training courses and certificates






Sports medicine